Property Management Services

Property Management Services

property management services

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Avalon Roofing specializes in servicing Property Management and Asset Management Groups. We offer a variety of Roofing Services to accommodate each buildings needs and budget.  We work closely with building managers to ensure roof issues are resolved as efficiently and accurately as possible.

Protect your building and its tenants by implementing one of our detailed Roof Maintenance Programs. Avalon Roofing has seen what deferred roof maintenance can cause, trust us when we say “It pays to be proactive”. A consistent Annual Roof Maintenance Program is essential to successfully avoiding issues such as: emergency repairs, premature roof replacement, excessive roof repairs, interior damages (building & personal), tenant displacement, business interruption, and the ever popular issue of Mold.

Our Annual Roof Maintenance Program includes but not limited to the following:

  1. Bi-Annual Roof Inspections
  2. Roof Performance Reports
  3. Roof Maintenance and Roof Repairs:
  • * All work to be completed by our professionally trained installers using appropriate materials.
  • * Roof Cleaning: removal/disposal of loose debris from roof deck, drains, gutters/downspouts.
  • * Seal and Paint pipe/vent flashings.
  • * Roof Repairs: repair specified leak areas (under 100sqft) using appropriate materials.
  • * Check and seal roof flashing components around: Skylights, Ducting, Perimeter Metal and other problem areas as necessary.

Our Property Management Services and Roof Maintenance Programs are to designed to maintain and ensure a roofs performance, longevity, and reliability.  Resulting in piece of mind for Property Managers, Asset Managers, and Building Owners knowing that the chances of possible “Roofing Nightmares” have been mitigated.

For information on the benefits of roof maintenance, please download the following: Gaf Roofing Solutions / Reference Manual For Property Owners and Managers