Roof Estimates

Avalon Roofing offers free roof estimates for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and New Construction roofing projects.

Free Roof Estimates!

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Roof Measuring

Our estimators will accurately measure your roof accounting for the following:

  • Roof Access – how accessible is your roof for safe loading and offloading of materials and debris.
  • Roof Layers – number and type of existing roofs.  Typically, no more than two layers are allowed.
  • Roof Substrate – structural surface of the roof deck, usually wood, concrete, or metal.
  • Roof Flashings – metal or liquid flashing used to waterproof penetrations, roof intersections, and perimeter areas.
  • Roof Equipment – assess rooftop equipment and make appropriate recommendations.  
  • Roof Area – calculated total surface area of your roof including pitch and vertical surfaces.
  • Roof Performance – identify performance issues with current roof design and make appropriate recommendations.


To ensure your project is measured efficiently and accurately, we also use we utilize Pictometry, a leader in advanced aerial measurement technology.





Roof Proposal 

Our estimators will present options for roof work and roofing systems, answer any questions, and provide you with product information and samples.  Once a specified roof work or roof system has been determined our estimator s will provide you with a detailed Roof Proposal outlining project scope, specifications, and pricing.  We always recommend getting three or more roof estimates from Qualified Roofing Contractors, bidding the same scope of work, “apples to apples” as we like to say.

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