HydroStop | Solution Finder

HydroStop | Solution Finder

hydro-stop-solution-finderHydroStop’s fluid-applied roofing and waterproofing systems are Avalon Roofing’s premiere “solution finder” for all waterproofing applications.

HydroStop’s fluid-applied systems allow us to repair, restore, and waterproof defective: roofing, masonry, decking, walkways, metal roofing, and even gutters. The PremiumCoat System and has all but replaced conventional BUR and Mod-Bit Systems for us.  The versatility, reliability, and long-term performance of these systems has proven to be a great investment for us and our clients.Avalon Roofing Recommends visiting HydroStop’s “Solution Finder” to see how this product line addresses the entire building envelope.



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  1. This might be a good checklist - letting shoppers understand what to expect with their roofing is admirable.

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