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Finding Qualified Los Angeles Roofing Contractors

Where to begin?  Finding a qualified Roofing Contractors for your project can be a difficult task. We recommend starting with asking your friends, family, neighbors for a solid referral, and then reference each roofing contractor’s credentials and qualifications via: Contractor’s State License Board and Online Reviews. Your local Roofing Material Suppliers are also a great place to […]

HydroStop | Solution Finder

HydroStop’s fluid-applied roofing and waterproofing systems are Avalon Roofing’s premiere “solution finder” for all waterproofing applications. HydroStop’s fluid-applied systems allow us to repair, restore, and waterproof defective: roofing, masonry, decking, walkways, metal roofing, and even gutters. The PremiumCoat System and has all but replaced conventional BUR and Mod-Bit Systems for us.  The versatility, reliability, and long-term performance of these systems […]

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Avalon Roofing believes that thorough preparation is key for a safe and successful roofing project. The following is a “Preparation for Roofing” letter we like to review with our clients prior to their project start date. Preparation for Roofing Home Owner / Tenant Preparation for Roofing In Preparation for Roofing, there are concerns you should be aware of and preventative measures […]

Liquid Flashing Systems

Avalon Roofing is a strong advocate for the use of Liquid Flashing Systems over conventional metal-flashing components.  We find these flashing systems to be a critical component to high-performing roof system, that’s easily maintained, and virtually corrosion resistant. The following are answers to common questions we are asked about Liquid Flashing Systems. What is a Liquid Flashing and how does […]

Military Discount | Roofs for Troops

Avalon Roofing is a proud supporter of the Men and Women of our Armed Forces. When GAF announced their Roofs for Troops incentive, we felt it was a perfect opportunity to show our appreciation by matching GAF’s Military Discount for a combined total of $600. Avalon Roofing’s Military Discount Avalon Roofing will match the $300 offer from GAF […]

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