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Avalon Roofing is a strong advocate for the use of Liquid Flashing Systems over conventional metal-flashing components.  We find these flashing systems to be a critical component to high-performing roof system, that’s easily maintained, and virtually corrosion resistant.

The following are answers to common questions we are asked about Liquid Flashing Systems.

What is a Liquid Flashing and how does it differ from regular flashings?

What are the benefits?

How much extra will it cost?

We hope that the information provided answered most if not all of your questions.  If not, please send us your responses and any additional questions o may have.

Avalon Roofing is a Factory Certified Installer for the following Manufacturers: GAFMalarkey, & HydroStop

Visit these links for additional product and application information:

GAF | MajorSeal | Installation

Malarkey | EZ Seal

HydroStop | PremiumCoat System

Installation Video: HydroStop | Liquid Flashing

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