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Where to begin? 

Finding a qualified Roofing Contractors for your project can be a difficult task. We recommend starting with asking your friends, family, neighbors for a solid referral, and then reference each roofing contractor’s credentials and qualifications via: Contractor’s State License Board and Online Reviews. Your local Roofing Material Suppliers are also a great place to start, they can answer any questions regarding roof systems and recommend their preferred roofing contractors. Below we have compiled a list of qualifications and questions that should help you differentiate a “Qualified Roofing Contractor” from the rest.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Q: Can you provide current copies of your Contractors License, General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Vehicular Insurance? 

Many contractors advertise they are “Insured” but are unable to produce documentation, or may only be partially insured leaving you liable for damages to your property and their workers.  Qualified Roofing Contractors will have all insurance certificates ready for your review.  A Contractors current status can also be verified online with the State License Board.  In California this can be done online at: http://www.cslb.ca.gov/ >> Instant License Check >> then input either License Number , Business Name , Personnel Name , or Registered Sales Person

HIS Number or HIS Name.

Avalon Roofing‘s: 2012 – General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance

Established Business of Five Years or More

Q: How long have you been in business at your current location? 

Statistically, a large percentage of Roofing Contractors fail within the first two to five years, leaving clients without workmanship guarantee or recourse.  We recommend choosing an established Roofing Contractor who has: Permanent Place of Business (Not a PO Box), Phone Number, Business License, Tax ID, Supplier References, Employees (administrative, estimators, workers), and has successfully operated in one service area for over five years.

Recently Completed Similar Projects

Q: Do you have references of recently completed projects similar to mine?  

Most Roofing Companies specialize in certain project types and roof systems, and each Roofer has his own signature style.  Ask for recent references include the following:  addresses, pictures, testimonials, and contact numbers if possible.  Qualified Roofing Contractors with a healthy track record should be able to provide references that can be verified.

Manufacture Certified Installer

Q: Are you Factory Certified to install my roof?

Roofing Contractors who are Manufacture Certified Installers have received manufacturer training and follows specific installation methods ensuring the maximum life and performance out of your new roof.  Manufacture Certified Installers are also able to offer extended Manufacture Warranties, protecting their clients should they retire or go out of business.

Employs Dedicated Crews

Q: How many crews do you employ? | How long have they been with the company? | Do you plan on subcontracting any portion of my project?

Qualified Roofing Contractors employ dedicated crews, who have a vested interest in your project.  A contractor’s ability to keep long-term crews is a good indicator to the quality of workmanship you’ll receive.Qualified Roofing Contractors do not “Sub-Out” jobs using 1099 employees/contractors, or hire “day laborers” to work on your project.  So verify which Company Crew will be working on your project, how long that Foreman and Crew have been with the company, and if there will be any subcontracted labor. If there is going to be subcontracted labor, verify license, insurance, and references.

Enforces Safety Policies

Q: What measures will you be taking to ensure my project is completed safely?

Roofing is said to be the “most dangerous trade” in the residential housing industry.  A Roofing Contractor’s safety policy, procedures and enforcement strategy says a lot about their professionalism and efficiency. Qualified Roofing Contractors will have a healthy Safety Record, and can provide you with a detailed Safety Plan specific to your project.

Professional & Detailed Proposal

Q: I’m gathering bids for “Roof ABC”… are you able to provide me with a detailed proposal?

Qualified Roofing Contractors will provide you with a professional and detailed proposal clearly stating: Scope of Work, Roof System Manufacturer, Project Notes, Exclusions, Pricing, and Payment Terms, and Warranty (Manufacturer & Workmanship). To ensure you can accurately compare bids, make sure to provide the same Roof System “Roof ABC” or Scope of Work to all bidding contractors.  Once you have collected all of you bids, make sure they are “like-for-like”, payment terms are acceptable (initial deposit is 10% or less than $1,000… all payments made to company, not persons), and be very skeptical of considerably lower bids than the others.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Good First Impression

There’s something to be said about Good or Bad first impressions when choosing one Qualified Roofing Contractor over another. If all bidding Roofing Contractors are equally qualified on paper, skill level, and references… How do you choose? We recommend a final review of each Roofing Contractors initial performance with the following questions:

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