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Avalon Roofing believes that thorough preparation is key for a safe and successful roofing project.

The following is a “Preparation for Roofing” letter we like to review with our clients prior to their project start date.

Preparation for Roofing

Home Owner / Tenant Preparation for Roofing

In Preparation for Roofing, there are concerns you should be aware of and preventative measures to be taken.

Please be aware and prepare for the following:

  1. Noise! Noise! Noise! – There will be various levels of noise through the duration of your project. We recommend planning a day away from the house while the job is in progress.
  2. Protecting Unsecured Items – Vibrations from construction work may cause items to fall off of shelves and walls, please remove or secure items, such as: mirrors, plates, pictures, art, and figurines.
  3. Protecting Landscape & Outdoor Furniture – We will notify you if the layout of the landscape or trees and shrubbery significantly obstruct our work.  Please remove all items around the house at risk of being damaged by falling debris, such as: patio and pool furniture, potted plants, gardening equipment, and grills.
  4. Attics and Garages – Please remove cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, and other storage items at risk of being dirtied or damaged.  Debris can fall through spaces in roof decking, check with your estimator if tarping is necessary.  Avalon Roofing is not responsible for the removal or cleaning of these items.
  5. Gutter Damage – Precautions are taken to prevent damage to your existing gutters and downspouts.  Your estimator will notify and provide options for you if damage is unavoidable or pre-existing.
  6. Wood Replacement & Inspection Requests – Unfortunately, we are unable to accurately predict or estimate these variables, but we will promptly communicate any changes in price/scope due to wood replacement and or inspection requests.
  7. Construction Zone – Please be aware when entering or exiting construction zones, always keeping small children and pets away from the work area.
  8. Clean-Up – We will perform daily clean-ups removing equipment and properly disposing of debris.  A magnetic roller will be utilized to pick-up metal debris, but please be advised that a few nails, hidden in the grass or shrubbery, may remain.
  9. Rain Delays – Inclement weather may force delays in our production schedule.  You will be notified require an adequate window of clear weather to work safely and efficiently.
  10. Neighbors – We will typically notify two adjacent properties of project start dates and duration period.  Please advise us of any concerns regarding neighbor relations and or addition persons to notify.
  11. Material Delivery – Distributors will be delivering your material with very large trucks that weigh in excess of 65,000 lbs. and they will need access.  Your estimator will review any specified delivery instructions or concerns for prior to start of your project.
  12. Roofer Access –  Roofers required access to the following:  Designated roof point of access, power supply (120v), driveways, side gates/yards, decks, (if tarping is required)garages and attics
  13. Roofer Permissions – Roofers are not allowed in your house, attic, or garage without special permissions.  Be advised that Roofers’ Comp insurance only covers roof work.  Please do not loan the Roofers tools or equipment, we arrive fully equipped for every job.
  14. Satellite Dishes – Roofers may need to disconnect or move satellite dishes.  Please contact your cable or satellite provider (two weeks prior to start date) to schedule service for realignment if necessary.
  15. Electrical Mounts – Roofers are not Electricians!  However, existing electrical mounts or electrical work may need to be addressed by an Electrician or SCE for us to safely complete roof work.  Your estimator will notify you of any necessary electrical work.

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Download printable copy here: Preparation for Roofing

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