Military Discount | Roofs for Troops

Avalon Roofing is a proud supporter of the Men and Women of our Armed Forces. When GAF announced their Roofs for Troops incentive, we felt it was a perfect opportunity to show our appreciation by matching GAF’s Military Discount for a combined total of $600.

Avalon Roofing’s Military Discount

Avalon Roofing will match the $300 offer from GAF making a $600 discount per qualified individual on a GAF certified roof system.


Finding Qualified Los Angeles Roofing Contractors

Where to begin? 

residential shingle roof, los angeles contractorsFinding a qualified Roofing Contractors for your project can be a difficult task. We recommend starting with asking your friends, family, neighbors for a solid referral, and then reference each roofing contractor’s credentials and qualifications via: Contractor’s State License Board and Online Reviews. Your local Roofing Material Suppliers are also a great place to start, they can answer any questions regarding roof systems and recommend their preferred roofing contractors. Below we have compiled a list of qualifications and questions that should help you differentiate a “Qualified Roofing Contractor” from the rest.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Q: Can you provide current copies of your Contractors License, General Liability, Workers Compensation, and Vehicular Insurance? 

Many contractors advertise they are “Insured” but are unable to produce documentation, or may only be partially insured leaving you liable for damages to your property and their workers.  Qualified Roofing Contractors will have all insurance certificates ready for your review.  A Contractors current status can also be verified online with the State License Board.  In California this can be done online at: http://www.cslb.ca.gov/ >> Instant License Check >> then input either License Number , Business Name , Personnel Name , or Registered Sales Person


Liquid Flashing Systems

Avalon Roofing is a strong advocate for the use of Liquid Flashing Systems over conventional metal-flashing components.  We find these flashing systems to be a critical component to high-performing roof system, that’s easily maintained, and virtually corrosion resistant.

The following are answers to common questions we are asked about Liquid Flashing Systems.


What is a Liquid Flashing and how does it differ from regular flashings?

  • Regular or Conventional flashings are typically a piece of sheet metal that is used to cover and protect angles, joints, and voids in the building structure from the passage of water.  Conventional flashings are made in various shapes and thickness from the following metals:  aluminium, copper, painted galvanized steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, terne metal, lead or lead-coated copper.
  • Liquid Flashing Systems are essentially a high-performance, non-hardening, non-shrinking, liquid sealants that are combined with a reinforcing agent such as polyester fabric or fiberglass.  Multiple layers of sealant and fabric are redundantly applied until the detail is 100% waterproof.



Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance!

Avalon Roofing believes that thorough preparation is key for a safe and successful roofing project.

The following is a “Preparation for Roofing” letter we like to review with our clients prior to their project start date.

roofing company logoPreparation for Roofing


Home Owner / Tenant Preparation for Roofing

In Preparation for Roofing, there are concerns you should be aware of and preventative measures to be taken.


HydroStop | Solution Finder

hydro-stop-solution-finderHydroStop’s fluid-applied roofing and waterproofing systems are Avalon Roofing’s premiere “solution finder” for all waterproofing applications.

HydroStop’s fluid-applied systems allow us to repair, restore, and waterproof defective: roofing, masonry, decking, walkways, metal roofing, and even gutters. The PremiumCoat System and has all but replaced conventional BUR and Mod-Bit Systems for us.  The versatility, reliability, and long-term performance of these systems has proven to be a great investment for us and our clients.Avalon Roofing Recommends visiting HydroStop’s “Solution Finder” to see how this product line addresses the entire building envelope.